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A retrospective II: The woman with a future

Veröffentlicht am 25.11.2009

CarpeBerlin congratulates Tina Turner for her 70th birthday and explains what makes this woman so incredibly interesting.

When Janis Joplin was asked in a television interview what music she liked, she said the music of Tina Turner. By 1969 Janis was the icon of the hippie movement, and after her appearance at the Woodstock Festival, she was at the height of their fame. A few months later, on November 27th, 1969, she got together with Tina on stage - almost to the day 40 years ago. In the legendary concert in Madison Square Garden in New York, only one photograph survives. It was hung during the Clinton years in the White House. Other shots that were made back then remain lost.

A year later, in October 1970, Janis Joplin died from a heroin overdose. She departed from the living via an excessive use of alcohol and drugs, just like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. As her former duet partner, Tina Turner associated with Janis in a mutual admiration, but managed to escape her colleague’s fate. It is thanks to her hard work and talent that she is still successful. However, it is almost a miracle that Tina is still alive and still able to celebrate her 70th Birthday.

She fled to the other end of the city covered in blood

Back when Janis Joplin died, Tina was still married to the despotic genius R & B musician, Ike Turner. Together, they appeared as "The Ike & Tina Turner Revue." Ike was severely addicted to drugs and brutally abused Tina over the years. Presumably he would have beaten her to death one day, had she not fled that foggy night in 1976. Shortly before a planned concert in Dallas, she found refuge in a hotel at the other end of town. After the divorce, in 1978, Ike Turner then disappeared without a trace, while Tina was initially unsuccessful. It is precisely the burden of the survivors to experience their own relegation, while the dead are immortalized by their death.

A few years later she was in New York's Ritz Club concert. Among the guests was David Bowie who had just come from Europe. He had just had a very creative period living in Berlin and in Switzerland, which ended with a performance in the film "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”. Back in New York Bowie said he wanted to have a fun evening and see the appearance of his favorite singer, Tina Turner. He dragged the boss of his record company to the show, who was thrilled by Tina and gave her a contract the very next day. That was the beginning of her comeback, and she went on to become the international star that she is today.

She is a myth like Marlene Dietrich

Even 20 years ago, she was described as a "living legend". Today, Tina Turner is a myth like Marlene Dietrich. She sings as powerfully as ever and confidently shows off her legendary legs. No one else as of yet could carry so much sex appeal at the age of Seventy. Some even respectfully call her a world wonder. For her latest, completely sold-out concert tour last winter, the stadiums were filled with longtime admirers as well as young and trendy hip-hop girlies. Especially for the younger fans, the chance to experience this legend should be seized while it is still possible. Whether there will be another chance is uncertain. Tina has always pointed out that xxx touring is very tiring for her and it is increasingly unlikely to occur again.

However, she does know how to surprise her audience. And her condition at the moment seems to be so good that a return to the stage would be possible. In rumours on the worldwide web, Tina wanted to continue her world tour next year in Brazil, Africa and Asia. Though the artist promptly denied this.

She can do anything!

Perhaps Tina will advance into new spheres, for she is now in a rare position for artists, such as the Beatles after their separation or Bob Dylan. That is, she can do anything! One need only recall George Harrison publishing, in 1970, the first triple album in music history.

Very few know that Tina Turner is also creative. No, she does not write protest songs against racial discrimination, that was more what she did during her time with Ike. The most famous relic of this time is "Nutbush City Limits", a song she wrote in 1973. They are her shows, which she designed down to the finest detail. She knows all about drama and has influenced many other artists, including Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and most recently Beyonce.

Only one thing is certain: she will do something!

Tina gave a taste of her new creative period to her audience with "Beyond", an album with Buddhist meditation music. The revenue from this is fully invested in social projects. Meanwhile, a rumor makes use of a jazz album in the rounds. Well, whatever Tina will make, one thing is certain: she will do something! You can bet on hearing from her. It is unlikely for a person who is biologically still so young, healthy and creative, to retire and disappear forever into oblivion too. Tina Turner is certainly not at the end of her career, she is merely entering a new phase. She is the woman with a future. CarpeBerlin celebrates this unique artist's Birthday!

© Hohenborg-Varel 2009

This article wrote E. M. Hohenborg-Varel at 25th of november in 2009 for the German magazine "CarpeBerlin"